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About Us

We exist to fulfill a particular market niche. Bringing the work of excellent writers to the clients that need them. From letters to screenplays, opinion pieces to website content, book reviews to academic essays, we can help! Need to write a letter but don’t know how to? We’ve got you covered. Running an online publication and can’t find the right contributor? Ask us! Need 3000 referenced words on why green is better than blue? You got them!


This is a list of some of the services we offer. Contact us if you would like to utilize any of them. We also invite you to contact us if what you need written isn’t included here. We’ll discuss what you need, give you a quote on the price, and fulfill your request as quickly as we can.

Website Content

Allow us to give some flair to your online business presence. For a restaurant’s website, we would love to describe the rich flavours your menu has to offer. Maybe you run a spa? It would be our privilege to explain the luxurious indulgences of your skin care products. Do you offer a specific type of IT services? Do you sell clothes? Do you make household items? Let us make the words do them justice.

Academic Writing

Need to write an essay but have a family emergency? Want to hand in a book-review but can’t think where to start? Maybe a very specific, tailor-made example essay or sample book-review would help. An example you have complete intellectual ownership of. We can do that for you. Contact us.


You wrote something yourself, which is amazing. But now you want someone to go over it, proofread any possible errors, and edit your work for maximum impact. Not a problem. We do that too.


Want to transcribe an audio recording of a meeting? Or maybe some voice notes from a conference or lecture? A recorded conversation? Say no more. We’re happy to make it happen.

Medical Transcription

You need to transcribe medical content but can’t find Medical Transcription specialists. An all too common problem. Allow some of our professional writers, the ones with very strong medical backgrounds and experiences to take care of your immediate Medical Transcription needs. Who knows? You may never need to hire a full time Medical Transcription specialist again!

Social Media Posts

Another aspect of your online business is social media. Whether you need a long PR statement, a short promotional post within a certain word-limit, or anything in between, it would be our pleasure to craft such content for you.

Online Publications

Do you run an online magazine? A blog? A news site? A science magazine? Can’t find contributors? Anything you need, from political analysis articles, through opinion pieces down to movie reviews, venue reviews or even product reviews, we’ve got you covered.


Need to script an episode for your YouTube channel? Or a radio show? Working on an independent movie? Have an idea for a play? As a director, producer, or creator, you don’t need to worry about writing your own dialogues or scripts as well. Focus on making your project happen. Leave the writing to the specialists. Set the tone for us and we’ll take it from there.

Speech Writing

Have to give a speech? Hands full with speaking in public without trying to figure out the exact words to say? Don’t worry. We’ll spin doctor the best speeches for you, with cues as to where to pause, stop, emphasize, and even raise your voice. We even offer a package with a pre-recorded speech along with the written one, so you can figure out exactly how to deliver it! Let’s help you land that speech!

Letter Writing

Want to write an angry letter without going overboard? A love note? A formal cover letter for a proposal to a company or an important government office? You’ve come to the right place. Let us make this easy for you.

Ghost Writing

So you finally decided to write your autobiography. You’ve had an interesting life, full of lively adventures and unusual occurrences. But you’re not sure how to do it yourself. Luckily, we can do it for you.

Build a CV/Resume`

Looking for a change from your old CV format? Is this your first one? Did you move to a place where they write them differently? Or maybe you’re looking for a more visually creative resume? Maybe you just want to craft a specifically tailored cover letter? Allow us the singular pleasure of helping with the next successful step in your career.

*Disclaimer: We always do our best to please our clients but we do reserve the right to refuse any and/or all commissions or assignments for any reason or without one. All our academic samples and examples are exclusively for subjects and topics relating to arts, literature, philosophy and soft sciences. Including but not limited to English, English Literature, Sociology, Theater Studies, Gender Theory, Philosophy, History, etc. We do not offer samples or examples relating to practical studies or any of the “hard” sciences, such as physics, mathematics, biology, chemistry, medicine, health care, law, engineering, etc.

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